Family Guy religion wise cracks

This video shows one reason why Family Guy is such a controversial show

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Family Guy in the news

Ever since the show aired in 1999, Family Guy has been stirring up controversy. While most of it was not ground breaking or headline news, they had their fair share of complaints about the shows content. From jokes about disabled people to alcoholics, the show left no controversial stone unturned. It finally made a big no-no during season 3 when an episode was refused airtime from the FOX network. The episode was deemed especially controversial not just because of it made jokes about the Jewish religion, but because the entire episode was focused around these jokes.

The writers of Family Guy are always stirring up some sort of controversy with different groups, but this episode went over the top because its entire plot was centered on making fun of a religion. This was the main reason why it created a stir in the television world. While the episode did not air when it was originally scheduled to it still made news and when it was finally broadcast in a toned down version it still excited some controversy.

While the episode did not create headlines across the country, it was relatively big news in the eyes of many. According to the episode was not aired was because it was “deemed inappropriate under accusations of anti-Semitism” by the executives at FOX. The script of the show was read by two rabbis and actually written by a Jewish writer but that was not enough to get the show broadcast.
What people need to understand about this show is that no area goes untouched. The
Family Guy writers do not single out any specific groups to joke about; they make fun of almost everyone at one point or another. This episode does seem to go a little far, but in the end a lesson is learned, unlike in many other episodes.


Jessie said...

I'm still seeing a need for two elements of your post- the quote from the reading (the quote you chose was from and the need for analysis that's coming from you that links the show's controversy and the ideas we've discussed in class. I need to hear your 'voice' here to express why certain topics are controversial, what it means when topics are considered so controversial, that they are untouchable, and overall, you acting as the primary agent doing the analysis (because you cite very relevant examples of the issues for the assigned topics in your blog post- clearly indicating you've got a grasp on the issues we've been grappling with this semester) that connects the example with the show, but then goes further by examining the connection between the example and one or more of the categories you've highlighted here (gender, religion, political economy and gov't intervention in market, etc).

Anonymous said...

pat...i think that it is totaly bogus that yhat you said that about family guy. life is about laughing, and i you don't have a sense of humor, don't watch family guy.