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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blog Post 1 - The Girls Next Door

I chose to watch an alternate episode of The Girls Next Door than the one we viewed in class. In this episode each of the three girls was to plan a photo shoot for the playboy magazine and Hugh Heffner was going to decide if they would be the primary focus of the new issue or if they would use something else. This show strongly displays the concept of femininity and some stereotypes of masculinity as well.

In this particular episode, one of the most obvious feminine traits portrayed is the “dumb blonde” stereotype. All three of the girls had some pretty dumb lines throughout the show. At one point Kendra says, “I think I’m less nervous about this because it’s my idea [for the photo shoot]. Oh wait, no, I’m more nervous.” Holly, when talking about Bridget’s photo shoot idea, refers to it as Indiana Jones themed when in reality it is King Kong, hence the picture of her in the hand of a giant gorilla.

Another example of femininity displayed in this episode is when Bridget begins to cry after being corrected on how to pose for a picture. During the shoot the photographers and shoot directors keep on correcting her poses and eventually she walks away and starts weeping only to be happy again five minutes later. This portrays the typical emotional girl stereotype.

In this particular episode there are not many examples of masculinity, but one of the main ones is how they portray Hugh Heffner. He is shown as hardworking and not very emotional. He is shown working hard critiquing the photos that were just taken and when he makes his decision he remains very serious while the three girls jump for joy.

This show displays many examples of stereotypical gender identity and unfortunately helps to convey these identities further.