Family Guy religion wise cracks

This video shows one reason why Family Guy is such a controversial show

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Blog Post 4 - Collage

My collage includes some of the funniest images found in the show Family Guy. The pictures include guys on a raft of blow up sex dolls, a nudist pumping up a super soaker, and a man bending over in front of Pinnoccio. These images represent just part of the reason why Family Guy is such a popular show. At the same time, these images show why there are many people who cant stand the show because of its crude and controversial sense of humor.

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Jessie said...

I love the collage- but you've failed to explain why the humor is considered crude by society or why the images are somehow incompatible with norms about sex/gender/race/class...b/c the paragraph remains in the realm of the general--you needed a reading to contextualize your collage (so that it would be in place of a text-based analysis, like the other blog assignments).
Your job is to find out what makes this set of images crude and a put-off to a segment of society.